(Cement Based Polymer Modified Joint Filler/Grout)

JOINT FILLER is blended polymer modified cement based Joint filler/Grout, specially designed for applications like filling gaps while installing Ceramic,Glazed, Vitrified Tiles, granite, mosaic on internal/external horizontal and vertical surfaces. This highly polymer modified filler also has an excellent waterproofing ability . JOINT FILLER is suitable for filling gaps from 1 TO 8 MM in Ceramic tiles, Vitrified tiles, Glazed surfaces, Natural stones, etc.,

Features & Benefits

·Ready to use, needs only mixing with water.

·Excellent adhesion, low shrinkage.

·Excellent waterproofing characteristics.

·Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

·Sufficiently flexible to accommodate thermal movements.

·Needs no curing and soaking of substrate or tile.

·Available in 14 attractive Shades.

·Packing : 1 Kg

Technical Information

Base: Polymer modified cementitious material.

·Appearance : Depends on shade. Powder form.

·Mix ratio : Approx. 3 : 1 (by vol).

·Open time : Approx. 30 minutes at 30°C.

·Pot life : Approx. 30-45 minutes at 30°C.

·Coverage : Depends on Joint depth & Width.

·Trafficable time : 24 hrs (min.)

·Internal curing time : 7 days at 30°C.