(All Plain Colours)

(Three Component Epoxy Based Joint Filler/Grout)

Epoxy Joint Filler is Three Component Epoxy Based Joint filler/Grout, specially designed for applications like filling gaps while installing Ceramic, Glazed, Vitrified Tiles, granite, mosaic on internal/external horizontal and vertical surfaces. This joint filler also has an excellent waterproofing ability .

EPOXY JOINT FILLER is suitable for filling gaps from 1 TO 12 MM in Ceramic tiles, Vitrified tiles, Glazed surfaces, Natural stones, etc.

Features & Benefits

Excellent adhesion, No shrinkage.

·Excellent waterproofing characteristics.

·Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

·Sufficiently flexible to accommodate thermal movements.

·Available in 14 attractive Shades*.

·Dust Free & Anti Fungal.

·Packing : 1 & 5 Kgs

·Ready to use, needs only mixing.

Technical Information

·Base : Three component Epoxy material.

·Appearance : Depends on shade.

·Open time : Approx. 30-45 minutes at 30°C.

·Pot life : Approx. 45 minutes at 30°C.

·Coverage : Depends on Joint depth & Width.

·Trafficable time : 24 hrs (min.)

·Internal curing time : 7 days at 30°C.

·Approx Ratio of Resin:Hardener:Filler is 2:1:7